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New Laproscopic Instruments

Here at CanMedSIR, we are proud to announce our new laparoscopic instruments to our wonderful clients! Our specialized ceramic ended tip ensures that the insulation will last longer and will be harder for anyone to cut thru while using! The…

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Diamond Dusting Micro Needle Holders

We can now Diamond dust your microneedle holders. No more ultra-fine needles not holding in the jaw! Need your favourite needle holder serviced with a new surface for holding jaws, send them to us for an appraisal. Or maybe you…

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Tongue Tie Kit

Our team here at CanMedSIR have been working hard behind the scenes and are proud to launch our very own brand of Tounge tie kits! They contain: x1Larry Grooved Director 150mm grooved director 1x Stevens Ribbon Handle Supercut Scissors Curved…

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Demagnetizing Instruments

Demagnetizing Instruments. Are you have problems with your instruments becoming magnetized? Micro Needle holders, micro scissors, forceps, eye instruments and a range of others can become magnetized over time. This makes things difficult when you need your instruments to work…

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Custom made Instrument Stringers now available

We are proud to manufacture these stringers. Available in 3 different tailored sizes of 120mm, 150mm and 200mm! Stringers are used for threading instruments together for sterilizing. Benefits being, instruments are organized, open for sterilization and you are able to…

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