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Canmed Surgical Instrument repairs is a family owned surgical instrument repair business based in Nelson, New Zealand. We have had over 20 years in this line of work, working in Germany, Italy, USA and Korea.

We have the ability to laser, weld, lathe, machine stainless steel down to 0.03mm. We can design or modify instruments to your requirements. If we can’t do the job we have partners in Germany that can.

We build popular instruments such as instrument stringers for sterilizing, leg splints, to name a few, we can sharpen instruments & powder coat or strip back to bare metal if needed. The sky is the limit! There are too many to show on our website but have a look at the pictures and get in touch today.


Laparoscopy: Scissors, Graspers, Dissectors, Needle Holders, Bipolar Forceps, Trocars & Sheaths, Suction Irrigators, Verres Needles, etc

Cystoscopy: Working Elements, Resectoscope sheaths, Deflectors, Forceps, Bridges, Sheaths, Obturators, etc.

Arthroscopy: Biters/Graspers, Biopsy Punches, Burrs, Shaver Blades, Sheaths, Raspers etc.

  • Extensive inventory of German-made replacement parts
  • Laparoscopic insulation dielectrically sound to 2000 Volts,
  • Microscopic sharpening
  • Actuator repair/replacements
  • Jaw and Teeth repair/replacement
  • Electrocautery cord repair/replacement
  • New electrocautery cables, bipolar, monopolar


  • Bi-Polar/Jewellers/Thumb/RK Forceps, Micro scissors, Diamond Knives
  • Microscopic Sharpening
  • Instrument Modifications
  • Repairs/realignments

Orthopaedic Instrument servicing.

  • Reamer sharpening
  • Retractors: Hohmann, Femoral neck elevators, servicing /manufacturing
  • Femoral Impactors
  • Cup impactors
  • Femoral slap hammers
  • Mallet -repairs
  • Rasp handle refurbishing.


  • Scissors, Forceps, Needle Holders, Ronguers, Bone/Pin Cutters, Curettes, Osteotomes, Knives, Retractors, Clamps, Suction Tubes, etc.
  • Microscopic Sharpening
  • Complete Refurbishing Capabilities
  • Instrument Modifications
  • Instrument Stringers, 12cm, 15cm, 20cm
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